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  • What makes a product sustainable? Is it environmentally friendly or green washing?

    We all want to do the right thing.  Reduce our carbon footprint. Reduce our waste.  Buy sustainable and environmentally friendly products and packa...
  • How can Manuka Honey help?

    Can Manuka Honey Treat Eczema? Dealing with itchy, dry skin can quickly drive you to distraction. For those dealt the unlucky hand of chronic eczem...
  • The best cream for skin

    We've been helping people with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and other skin problems for over 5 years.  We'd love to help your skin too!  Read the 5 top reasons people use Pure Peony.
  • Five simple steps to help your skin

    Whatever your circumstances are, this pandemic will be affecting you - and quite probably your skin too.  Read on to learn more about how stress messes with your skin and creates an "inflammatory cascade".

    But first - the good news.  Do these 5 things without spending an extra cent - and your skin will love you for it....

  • Top Tips for Back to School

    7 Tips to make it easier for kids returning to school with eczema and/or food allergies
  • Natural ingredients you can trust

    We only use natural ingredients to soothe and heal.  No harsh chemicals, parabens, or common allergens like dairy, nuts or lanolin.  We know from our own first hand experience that those ingredients are likely to trigger allergies and can cause flare ups.

    Our unique peony root extract is sourced from our own certified organically grown peonies at our Nelson based farm. Guaranteeing the quality and traceability.

  • Can I treat my babies eczema naturally?

    We know it's hard.  Our son's had eczema right from birth - the itching, the redness, the pain was terrifying.

    Here's the advice we share with parents and those caring for babies with eczema 

  • Best way to heal eczema naturally

    Here's our simple 2 step guide on how to use the Pure Peony range to help heal eczema prone skin naturally.  

    Our range is safe for babies, 100% natural, have no harsh chemicals or perfumes and are made in Nelson, New Zealand using organically certified peony root extract. 

  • Yes we can still send out orders during a Level 4 Lockdown

    COVID-19 Lockdowns and the uncertainty and stress that comes with it affects us all.  For many of us the stress can trigger skin outbreaks and cause eczema, rosacea or psoriasis to flare up.  For others the increased handwashing or use of hand sanitizers and masks can irritate skin. 

    Our Healing Body Bar and our High Factor Peony Root Skin Remedy is designed for the most sensitive of more on how it can help protect against skin irritation...

  • Looking for a natural option for acne?

    Our 4 step regime is easy to follow and has helped teenage acne and adults with rosacea acne. It's natural, affordable, safe and easy.
  • Cream that is safe for eyes and face - for babies and adults

    For irritated or inflamed eyelids or eye area choose Pure Peony High Factor Peony Root Skin Remedy.  It's gentle and effective in reducing the redness, irritation and inflammation.  Extra care needs to be taken on such a sensitive part of our bodies
  • What's best for babies with eczema?

    The best treatment for babies with eczema is gentle, safeeffective and early treatment.  Try not to wait till it gets bad - the earlier you can soothe, stop the itching and help heal the skin the better....