• YES we're still open for online orders. NZ, Australia and worldwide

    Yes - we're open for online orders.  NZ, Australia and worldwide.

    Staying safe and well
    We know:
    - washing hands thoroughly with 'soap' and drying them is critical.
    - soap actually makes coronavirus ineffective - Dr Siouxsie Wiles.  It's more than just good hygiene - it will save lives.
    - keeping hands well moisturized will help prevent hands and fingers cracking (and limit potential infections).
    - stressful times like this can trigger skin conditions and flare ups so use High Factor Peony Root Skin Remedy frequently and early to help prevent any flareups.
    - when spraying a surface with a disinfectant you need to leave it on the surface or 10 seconds before you wipe it off (that gives enough time for the active to work). So, its spray, PAUSE, then and then wipe (who knew that before this? - Not us!).
    - there is enough essential products, food and supplies for everyone so take care, be kind and stay home.

    We are here when you need us so don't hesitate to contact us for advice or support on

    We can still fulfil orders NZ wide, Australia wide and internationally....

  • Handwashing - protect and soothe with anti-bacterial soap and cream pack

    Simple, everyone can do it, and effective in helping keep you safe from coronavirus (COVID 19). Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and dry hands ...
  • "Soap" with anti-bacterial and skin calming properties for eczema prone hands

    Washing your hands thoroughly with soap is even better than hand sanitizers.  This Healing Body Bar soap is safe and suitable for eczema prone hands and very sensitive skin.

    Anti-bacterial and skin calming properties of the peony root are harnessed in our Healing Body Bar.  Handmade in Nelson, 100% natural, suitable for vegans. No nasties.

    The anti-bacterial and skin calming properties of the peony root have been used for centuries in traditional herbal medicine and the natural active, paeoniflorin, is scientifically proven.  

    Comes in a handy tin that you can take with you wherever you go.

    Available in a 3 pack or a single tin and in our Packs. Often bought in the Starter Pack - healing body bar, shampoo bar and small High Factor Peony Root Skin Remedy cream.

  • Yes - our products are vegan

    We get asked this - a lot.  All our products except the Peony& Manuka Honey Cream are vegan.  As Lucy Slight recently blogged "Vegan is synonymous with the terms plant-based and natural, with animal welfare being paramount. "

    We agree, and our products are all free from animal testing.  

    And free from common allergens - including nuts (and nut oils).

    And natural.  And our peony root - the active in our range - is all sourced from our own organic farm. 

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  • Need to soothe skin NOW?

    Need to soothe skin or stop itching NOW? With over 150 pharmacy throughout New Zealand stocking Pure Peony Organic Remedial Skin Repair, help is at hand! The full list of stores are listed here website
  • IT'S OVER!

    The 2019 peony season is over!  We've sold all our flowers and we hope you got to enjoy some peonies this year.  Remember all year around you can benefit from the amazing roots of this beautiful plant.  Here at Pure Peony we use ALL the plant - the flowers for cut flowers, the leaves in our Detox Facemask, and the roots in our skin repair products and its just the stalks we are yet to find a use for.  
  • Only 7 more days for Christmas Shopping online!

    Only 7 more days to order your Christmas Gifts from $10.  Christmas giving made easy - buy New Zealand made organic and sustainable skin remedy products - for him, for her, for everyone!  Free giftwrap and free shipping NZ wide when you spend $30.
  • Soothe eczema prone, dry or irritated skin - fast!

    Our best advice for eczema prone, dry or irritated skin - keep skin hydrated, avoid irritants and triggers, don't overheat and use natural safe products to soothe and help heal skin.
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